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Trusted by the Biggest Brands in the World. A product designer with a strong business background.

Michal Soukup is an award-winning product designer maker that has connected brands with their audiences through various channels for more than 15 years. What he does gets verifiable results. He created many 5-star rated digital experiences for fast-moving companies.

While living in different countries (the Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, and Czechia), he's been privileged to observe other mental models. With a simple yet powerful vision of doing the best work, he was lucky to influence many products and digital experiences for companies like Alteryx, AdButler, SKODA, LiveStyle, General Electrics, Emplifi, and more.

Michal also launched a hair care brand in 2022. He was able to sell thousands of products in the first year already. What he does, gets results.

In his spare time, he enjoys aquascaping, videography, custom water-cooled computers, and learning.

Selected Work

Multibillion-dollar unicorn. The future of Analysis & Reporting is a bit closer again.

Alteryx, Inc. - Analysis & Reporting Platform

An award-winning app enjoyed by millions of visitors with a unique live content approach.

Q-dance B.V.- Events, Streaming & Live Content App

40 million fans. David Guetta uses Abletunes to produce successful music.

Abletunes Ltd. - Innovative Audio Plugin

Obsessed fans. Deep brand history. Two decades of dedication.

Livestyle, Inc. - Social Media & Streaming Platform

Market-leading social media marketing platform used by more than 9,100 brands globally.

Emplifi Inc. - Customer Experience & Social Media Marketing Platform

Leading Ad Server serving ads for brands like Costco, Home Depot, and Target.

SparkLIT Networks, Inc. - Ad Serving Platform

My Own Projects

Selling thousands of hair care products each month.

My brand. Started it from scratch.

Connecting hardstyle fanatics with the biggest radio station through the desktop app.

I wrote an app in electron. App was already featured in Electron gallery. I got some sweet github stars for this.

Unleashed the gaming beast in people with WoW gaming servers. (Archived)

I was running and developing private gaming servers for multiple versions of World of Warcraft and other games.

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